4 reasons why you should wear bun hairstyles

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There’s beauty in simplicity – bun hairstyles

People tend to interpret “complexity” as a measuring stick for extravagance. We’re often drawn to react and/or respond to complex matter and eccentric designs as if it’s a must to voice out our own personal views in order to unravel the mystery of the subject. On the contrary, we don’t give a shit about simpler matters like there’s nothing interesting about it.

If we’re all being honest, we’re all guilty. Say, we’re working on a school project or a work presentation, of course, we don’t want to present something mediocre. In the process of wanting to produce something impressive, it is required for us to put in work – sometimes, hard and complex work. As a result, we often expect favorable results for working on such hard labor. Would you feel the same way about something you did without even breaking a sweat?

In our fast-paced and internet-driven society, people always try to keep up with the trends – worse, people often use their friends and even strangers to measure whether they are “in” the trend, which is, by the way, an unhealthy way of thinking. Did I mention that some people will do absolutely anything, no matter how stupid or unnecessary, just to be considered “hip”? This is true in so many ways even in hairstyles.

Let’s talk about hairstyles! There’s no denying that eccentric hairstyles rule over the simpler ones. Why? It’s because they get more credit and attention. Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with the craftiest hairstyles – the crazier, the better.

This article, by the way, is geared towards showing love towards the brilliance of one of the easiest hairstyles ever –  bun hairstyles.

4 reasons to wear bun hairstyles

Reason #1:  It’s crazy versatile & do-it-with-eyes-closed easy

You can wear a bun to bed, to work and even to important occasions like a wedding event. A bun hairstyle will power you through your day job to your night-outs with glam! Don’t leave out that this style is perfect when you’re caught in a bed-to-work action for oversleeping after going wild during a late-night party. Believe me, it’s a lifesaver.

Reason #2: As I said, crazy versatile

Add a headband or a scarf to add glitter to a normal bun – the result, super fancy! Don’t forget to tell your friends that you’re trying something different and you’re wearing a different hairstyle. People fall for it.

Reason #3: Anti-frizz

Wearing a bun keeps the moisture locked in your hair. Also, it keeps your hair from moving a lot and decreases friction between hair strands. All these translate to less frizz.

Reason #4: Beauty that’s been tested over the years

Topknots, high bun, low bun, side bun, chignon, and all other variations seem to really work like magic for a lot of people – it looks good on anyone! It works fine with straight, messy, curly, long, and short hair. It goes from a “LOOK AT ME” appeal of topknots and high buns to a “timid & practical” appeal of a low bun. There’s a bun for everyone.

Bun hairstyles by braidwear.com

Basic Bun Hairstyle

Basic bun hairstyles - braidwear.com

Add this basic bun hairstyle to your repertoire of hairstyles – it’s easy and at the same time perfect for getting the hair out of your face in a fashionable manner. 

Braid Bun Hairstyle

braid bun hairstyles - braidwear.com

Add the braid bun hairstyle to your repertoire of hairstyles – it’s easy and at the same time perfect for getting the hair out of your face in a fashionable manner. 

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