4 Easy braided hairstyles for total beginners

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Easy braided hairstyles – It’s either you really want to start with the basics or you ran into a brick wall after blindly trying to recreate a very complicated hairstyle you saw on the internet. Either way, we’re glad you’re here.

We prepared a list of the most basic hairstyles you can try without fail.

Intricate braids are so damn attractive and gorgeous that a whole lot of women spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to imitate hairstyles they see on the internet. The sad part is, people often fail and are left discouraged once reality runs their expectations to the ground.

Whether we admit it or not, these hairstyles aren’t that easy – most of these hairdos are overwhelming for us normal people who seem to be unable to replicate even the basic braids and plaits that we dream of wearing.

In a perfect world, where we’re all expert stylists, able to shape our hair the way we want it. Or, in an ideal world, where we can all afford to hire our personal hairstylists to do all the styling for us.

However, we live in the real world where even the easiest braids seem too hard for us. Or, the fact that most of us can’t afford to have personal hairstylists. Hence, we resort to scouring the internet for the ideal tutorial.

We handpicked what we believe to be the easiest and most attainable braided hairstyles that even the total newbies can tag along. Take the hairpins and hair elastics out of their box. Let’s get started and learn these easy braid hairstyles.

Easy braided hairstyles list by Braidwear.com

1. Rope braid

easy braided hairstyle - rope braid
Rope Braid – Braidwear.com

The first on our list of “easy braided hairstyles” – the Rope braid. This braided hairstyle will surely get you started with hairstyling. It’s the ultimate first step and is fitting for total beginners. It’s perfect for “sassying” up a regular ponytail. In addition, it looks classy, elegant, and clean – once mastered, you’ll be ready to take on other hairstyles. Let this classic plait serve as a stepping stone for you to achieve the prettiest braids that you’ve always wanted.

Here’s an awesome tutorial by Amalie from EverydayHairInspiration.com. Check both her Youtube channel and website.

2. Three-strand braid

easy braided hairstyles - three strand braid
Three-strand braid- Braidwear.com

This braid is widely considered as an important hair-styling repertoire to possess as a hairstylist. As a matter of fact, it’s everywhere, we see people wear this for all kinds of occasions. You’ll be surprised how many well-known personalities wear it – from a regular day hairstyle to a red carpet-worthy hairdo, this braid works its charm without fail.

Here’s an awesome video about the Three-strand braid by Miranda Hedman. Check both her Youtube channel and website.

3. French braid

easy braided hairstyle - french braid
French Braid – Braidwear.com

The french braid is the basis to many of the awesome new styles that people go crazy for on IG and Pinterest. There’s no need to stress out why it’s important that we learn this style early on our styling journey. Think of it as an important tool that we’ll use every now and then as we go further in our career.

Here’s an awesome video about the French braid by The Hair Look.

4. Dutch braid

easy braided hairstyles - dutch braid
Dutch braid – Braidwear.com

This braid is closely tied-up with the french braid. It closely resembles the overall structure and looks of the french braid – just inverted. That being said, make no mistake of overlooking this hairstyle. Although they look similar to each other, the dutch braid has it’s own appeal and is loved by many. Enough reason for us to include it to the list of the easy braided hairstyles that we can learn as a beginner.

Here’s an awesome video about the Dutch braid by The Hair Look.

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